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Tony Iasiello, Train4speed

Coach Steve has partnered with Tony Iasiello, Train4Speed owner and coach, because of his extensive background in the speed, agility and explosion field.  Tony has over 20 years experience as a speed consultant and sports performance coach working with high school, collegiate and professional athletes.  Tony and Train4Speed provide the resistance drills to develop twitch muscle fibers that greatly enhance velocity, resulting in players who can explode into movement. Steve knows that Tony provides the finest established methods to improve and enhance the performance of all athletes, while decreasing injury potential.

Soccer Training

After being put through the rigorous speed training workouts with T4S, I was better prepared to handle what DI basketball players do on the court. I have been able to keep up with the speed which was something I always felt I strug- gled with prior to working with Coach I.


Liz Flooks-Niagara University Basketball

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